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With a little help of some friends of ours who are TV professionals we are planning to shoot our first music video. We had some funny ideas here, so be curious and stay tuned ...



what happened


Exciting young art at the Künstlermixtape! We provided the sound :-)


Purely acustical at the KulturKlub movie night. Top movie by the way!



asta's always cool ! Had a good time with you :-) thx for coming



Thx to our great support act: Vero Reiser & Band


Watch them on YouTube or Facebook  

It was great top play in Vienna for the first time ! Thx for the warm welcome. We would like to come back next year.


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Our open air gig at the Strandhaus / Hofstätter See was just marvellous !!! In the "golden light" of a perfect summer evening we loved playing for a very chilled audience :-)


Thanks to Anni for inviting us and many thanks to the wonderful crowd who was there, giving us warm applause, enthusiastic feedback and buying our CDs.


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On Saturday May 5 2018 we played an open air show at the Kulturtage Schwanthaler Höhe in Munich.


Great stage, great sound (thanks to the engineers) and great audience!


Thanks for coming & listening to us!



On Wednesday Dec 20 2017 we played a show at Unter Deck in Munich.


Although we had some strong competition that evening by other major events in Munich, it was a great gig and we had lots of fun.


Thanks for coming & listening to us.


On Saturday Oct 2 2017 we played our Album Release Concert at astakneipe in Rosenheim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The club was packed with people and we had a great time on stage. Thanks to you all for coming there, listening to us and partying with us.



Watch the VIDEO


Watch the NEW PICS 


Just in time for our Album Release Concert on 02.10.2017 (see below in "coming soon" section) our Album „HOME“ now is available at the following digital platforms:


iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play, 7Digital, Slacker, Juke, Tidal and some others.


And you can also „shazam“ our songs now.


If you want to buy the physical CD with its beautiful booklet come to the Album Release Concert or e-mail us via




On Saturday July 8 2017 we played an Open Air Concert at the beach at Strandbad Pietzing


Thanks to everybody who appeared despite the rainy weather!


We enjoyed playing for you very much and as our hosts really loved it we will come back for another try next year at Pietzing and/or Hofstätter See. Stay tuned ...



quango at the private concert on May 25 2017 in Rosenheim


Gunther booked us to play at his birthday party on May 25 2017. It was the first time we played our whole set of 14 songs. See the PICS (thanks Uwe)


Thanks to Gunther for booking us and thanks to the audience for the great applause and the pre-orders of our album! We hope to see you soon at one of our next concerts...


1st session at the Down-Town Studios in Munich

Last weekend we spent in the Down-Town Studios in Munich together with the excellent audio engineer Tom Appl !


That was an amazing experience: We had fun, worked hard and recorded the instrumental base parts of 14 songs. In addition we also recorded the vocals for 9 songs. Aaaannnnd ... we are quite satisfied with what we have done. Look at the the NEW PICS and the NEW VIDEO.


quango played a concert at the Bar Amici Party in Kolbermoor on Feb 17 2017:

Great location & party! It was fun to play there. Unfortunately we forgot to have somebody taking pictures and filming, so we have no evidence for it :-)


Christoph & Simon of The Tall The Middle And The Little played after us and really rocked the place:


quango played a livingroom concert in Rosenheim on Jan 21 2017: It was great to play for such an enthusiastic audience!!! The concert was a lot of fun for the band and we hope to see you soon!


THANK YOU for the big applause!


Watch the photos:

quango - Livingroom Concert Jan 21 2017


Watch the videos:

quango - Livingroom Concert Jan 21 2017


Matthias and Simon played the Milla Song Slam in Munich on Dec 14 2016: After performing "Countryman" and "Happiness Kills Art" they received great applause and barely missed to be voted the winner.


A BIG THANK YOU to our friends for the great support!


Watch the video:

quango - Milla Song Slam Dec 14 2016


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